If at all possible, finish your dissertation prior to graduating

I saw this article and decided to comment on this article about completing your dissertation.

I had the pleasure of attending Cardinal Stritch University of Milwaukee, WI. I loved the cohort set up because colleagues looked out for one another and challenged one another to finish their dissertation prior to completing all course work. If you did not finish the dissertation, we were challenged to have gone through IRB.

Not only did colleagues challenge each other, the faculty or professors also motivated students to complete the dissertation. This was tremendously helpful. The majority of cohort 28 had their dissertation finish prior to graduating with PhD.  When one does not, it is severely difficult to finish due to job, life, and family. I did not say it was impossible, I am saying it is extremely difficult.  So if at all possible, please make sure you have at least gone through IRB prior to graduating.  Write everyday no matter what. You will be grateful to say the least!!

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