Gilmore Middle School Welcomes New Members into its Hall of Fame

In February, Gilmore Middle School inducted new members into its hall of fame, including former drama teacher Richard Chambers, former science teacher Dan Werlington and past Gilmore principals.

On Saturday, Feb. 7, the Gilmore auditorium was filled with alumni, inductees and their families, RUSD staff and many devoted community members to recognize those individuals who have provided valued and loyal service to Gilmore.

“It’s more than a building,” Gilmore science teacher Jennifer Al-Sager said. “Anyone who has been part of this building and given their blood, sweat and tears will agree that calling Gilmore a building is inaccurate. This is a home.”

Superintendent Dr. Lolli Haws thanked all of the inductees for their service and the thousands of children whose lives they touched.

Principal Bryan Wright hung new pictures of former principals Dan Thielen and Kevin Brown on Gilmore’s Wall of Principals. All former and present principals are automatically members of the Gilmore Hall of Fame, Wright said.

“To be inducted into the hall of fame is special,” Wright explained. “The inductees are staff members who, while working at Gilmore Middle School, brought honor and distinction to the school and students. Their contributions have positively impacted the lives of others.”

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